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Hakone in One Day


Among the top weekend getaways from Tokyo is to Hakone, some 100 kilometers southwest of the Japanese capital. Hakone may not be as historically packed as other day trip favorites like the former shogunate capital Kamakura or world heritage town Nikkō, but Hakone compensates by having gorgeous views of Japan’s tallest and most revered mountain, Mount Fuji. Add a picturesque lake and a touristy mix of transportation modes, and you get a fantastic destination that makes an excellent day trip (or two) from Tokyo.

A Day in Kamakura


One of the most popular day trips from Tokyo is to Kamakura, a small seaside town in Kanagawa prefecture. Kamakura was, for a brief time, the political capital of Japan during the Kamakura Shogunate. Nestled between the hills and the Sagami Bay, Kamakura has numerous historical and cultural sights packed in a small package.