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Leaving Coron

"Hollywood style" Coron sign and Mount Tapyas

We had no specific itinerary on our last day in Coron. Our flight was still in the afternoon so we asked to be fetched at the resort after lunch. We got up a little late to offset the early morning departure we had the day before.

Calauit Safari Tour

The Calauit Tour Truck

Alarm clocks are highly recommended if you’re going on a Calauit Safari tour as this needs a pre-dawn departure from Coron. On day three of our Coron trip, we were already at the boat by 5 a.m. We boarded at the Port of Coron instead of the town wharf since we needed a bigger boat for the three-hour voyage to Calauit.

Coron Island Loop

Kayangan Cove with Coron Town in the far left background.

On our second day in Coron, the van from Calamian Tours promptly fetched us after breakfast at Sunz en Coron resort. In less than thirty minutes we were at the wharf where our bangka (outrigger boat) was waiting for us to board.

First Time Coron


My wife and I marked our first wedding anniversary last February 2012 by crossing out another item in our bucket list: Coron. Coron is both the name of an island and a town in northern Palawan. Confusingly, Coron town is on Busuanga island, while Coron island is situated off its southeastern coast. In recent years this part of Palawan has increasingly opened up to domestic tourists following the opening of commercial flights at Busuanga (Francisco B. Reyes) airport, coupled with frequent offerings of group deals online. The area is also known as a wreck diving mecca because of the numerous World War II wrecks that lie beneath its sheltered waters. Neither me nor my wife are divers though, so we’ll have to make do with what Coron has to offer on the surface.