Hi! I’m David. Welcome to Nasa Layasan, my first ever attempt at blogging. Here I try to chronicle my recent and not-so-recent travels, mainly: side trips alongside overseas business trips, quick local and regional getaways on those much-awaited long weekends, as well as travel research and itinerary planning for that well-deserved vacation leave.

This blog’s title, which can literally mean “somewhere outside” or “out on vacation”, came about as this best describes me and my wife Reizel since we graduated from college back in 2004. This may be less true now since our little Ryka came into our lives. I am looking forward to the day I lift our self-imposed travel moratorium, when our little one grows up and becomes ready to explore the world (probably when she is old enough to read this blog).

For any feedback or suggestion, I can be reached through email at this address, or simply leave a comment below.