Kayangan Cove with Coron Town in the far left background.

On our second day in Coron, the van from Calamian Tours promptly fetched us after breakfast at Sunz en Coron resort. In less than thirty minutes we were at the wharf where our bangka (outrigger boat) was waiting for us to board.

Kayangan Lake

From afar, Coron island is surrounded by seemingly impenetrable limestone cliffs. As we approached the island, a small opening in the karst walls revealed a sheltered cove. Our crew slowly maneuvered the banca to avoid shallow portions of the cove and proceeded where the other boats were. From the docking area, Kayangan lake is a steep hike up a crest and down towards the lake itself. Midway through the hike visitors will pass by arguably the most photographed spot in Coron: a rocky outpost in front of a cave that provides a magnificent view of Kayangan cove framed by vegetation. It’s the quintessential Coron postcard shot that before coming to Coron, I actually thought that body of water was Kayangan Lake!


Kayangan Cove with Coron Town in the far left background.

After a short trek, we had our first glimpse of Kayangan Lake.


Kayangan Lake

Kayangan lake has a mysterious ambiance to it, this is probably why the native Tagbanuas consider the lake, and the whole island, sacred. There’s not much to do in Kayangan lake except to take a dip in its calm and clear waters. Curious needle fishes will stare and might even swim with you in the lake. The water here is so clear you can see limestone formations probably 50 feet below on the lake floor.

Twin Peaks

After again savoring the postcard perfect view of Kayangan cove on the way back to the docking area, our next activity was snorkeling and feeding the fishes in Twin Peaks reef. Fishes here know it’s chow time whenever a boat arrives.


Chow time!

Banol Beach

Picturesque Banol Beach was our lunchtime stop.


Banol Beach


Other end of Banol Beach

Skeleton Wreck

What’s a Coron trip without a sampling of its shipwrecks? Skeleton wreck is a fishing boat wreck near Banol Beach. Though we didn’t dive, we could clearly see the wreck probably 20-30 feet below the surface.


Skeleton Wreck

Twin Lagoon

Our last stop was at Twin Lagoon, two lagoons surrounded by tall limestone cliffs, connected to each other by an underwater passage and a makeshift ladder over a low cliff wall. We only stayed at one of the lagoons, honestly there’s nothing to do but to relax, float, and take in the tranquility of the surroundings. Looking under the water surface, you’ll feel like you’re floating above a bottomless chasm as instead of corals you’ll just see a deep blue-green void (hold on to your underwater cameras!).

Dinner at Coron Village Garden Cafe

We were back in town before sundown. After researching the recommended places in Coron for dinner, we settled with Coron Village Garden Cafe. We had sizzling pork sisig and blue marlin steak for dinner, but the dessert and refreshments stole the night for me.


Fruit Platter Dessert


Frozen Iced Tea

A tropical safari experience, up next in Part 3 of our Coron trip!


Day 1: First Time Coron

  • Morning flight: Manila to Busuanga (1h)
  • Arrival in Busuanga, van transfer to Coron (30m)
  • Late afternoon: Coron town tour (3h)
    • Lualhati Park
    • Mount Tapyas hike
    • Cashew shop
    • Maquinit Hot Springs

Day 2: Coron Island Loop

  • Kayangan Cove and Lake
  • Twin Peaks reef (snorkeling/fish feeding)
  • Banol beach (lunch)
  • Skeleton Wreck
  • Twin Lagoon

Day 3: Calauit Safari Tour

  • Calauit Island Sanctuary
  • Lusong Coral Garden and Wreck

Day 4: Leaving Coron

  • Walk around town in the morning
  • Afternoon flight: Busuanga to Manila